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At COOKS&CO we're passionate about food, our Cooks Club has been created so that food lovers can connect and share their ideas, recipes and enthusiasm for fine ingredients.

New Recipes

Porcini Mushroom Marsala Stuffing
Porcini Mushroom Marsala Stuffing

Add Italian flair and depth to your roast with our wonderful porcini mushroom marsala stuffing...

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October Food Events

Fantastic ideas for those special dates

If you’re passionate about food and love entertaining, we have come up with a comprehensive foodie calendar that highlights key dates throughout the year for themed parties and entertaining. We’ve also thrown in some ideas for great days out all over the country, where you can learn about the latest cooking techniques and trends and rub shoulders with celebrity chefs.

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Free Speciality Oils Guide

With delicious recipes, tips & more...

Designed to inspire, excite and educate, our Guide to Speciality Oils is a free 24-page ebook for Cooks Club members. It simply brims with recipes, tips and nutritional advice.

  • Make your own mayonnaise from scratch
  • Try our brownie, cake and cookie recipes
  • Pick up tips and tricks for cooking with oils

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Tips & Tricks

Creative ways with  Red Peppers
Creative ways with Red Peppers

Don’t throw away the oil from your pepper jar - it’s full of flavour. Use it as a marinade, fry onions in it for a casserole, whisk into dressings or drizzle over cooked vegetables or meat for added flavour.

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