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The essence of COOKS&CO is to offer food lovers interesting, inspired and authentic ingredients from all over the world. We are proud of our unique ingredients range, sourced from reliable, committed and innovative suppliers.

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide the very best quality food around!

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Porcini Mushroom Marsala Stuffing

Add Italian flair and depth to your roast with our wonderful porcini mushroom marsala stuffing...

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Vietnamese Beef Salad

Packed with flavour, this zingy Vietnamese salad makes a great light lunch. The tenderness of the steak, offset with the crunch from the peanuts and the powerful flavour of the mixed herbs and leaves creates a tingling, exciting dish.

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Artichoke Spaghetti

This recipe works brilliantly as either a side or main dish. Perhaps try serving it alongside chicken, grilled Halloumi Cheese or roasted vegetables. Cooks&Co’s grilled marinated artichokes combined with the grated zest and juice of a lemon stirred though the pasta creates a beautiful pasta dish.

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Fig Crumble

What can be better than a traditional crumble served with piping hot custard? This recipe draws from the sweetness of Cooks&Co’s figs which then combined with a sprinkling of cinnamon delivers a beautifully tasty dessert with a touch of the exotic.

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Fresh Tomato Salsa

Freshly prepared tomato Salsa is a great side dish to spice up fish and meat dishes or to serve up with Mexican dishes such as Burritos or Chilli con Carne. Moreover it's simple to prepare, for the best results make an hour before serving.

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Hazelnut Pesto

This wonderful hazelnut pesto is perfect drizzled over fresh pasta with a sprinkling of a hard flavoursome cheese such as Manchego, Parmesan or Pecorino.

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Broccoli with Bite

This dish uses Cooks&Co’s award-winning Chilli infused Olive Oil to add a bit of bite to traditional broccoli. It’s a great, simple way to create an interesting broccoli side dish.

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Grilled Hearts of Palm

A quick, impressive way to serve hearts of Palm. Finished with a drizzle of quality balsamic vinegar, they make a beautiful starter or a tasty light lunch.

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Red Pepper Tapenade

This tapenade delivers a wonderfully complex flavour, drawing from a host of Cooks&Co fine ingredients. It’s terrifically versatile. Smothered onto Italian ciabatta bread it creates a bruchetta with a twist, or layered onto white fish before baking makes a sophisticated, tasty meal.

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Hearts of Palm Salad

This is a superbly flavoursome and textured salad, packed full of nutrients and minerals such as iron. The palm hearts are mild and delicate in taste, and lend a touch of the exotic to the dish.

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Pumpkin Soup

This velvety, hearty pumpkin soup is a superb autumnal dish. Dress it up with a sprinkling of hard continental cheese, Parmesan or Gruyère work terrifically well, and serve up with some freshly baked crusty bread to make a hearty lunch or supper time starter.

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Chickpea & Pumpkin Curry

This wonderfully flavoursome vegetarian curry is great served as a punchy side dish, or as a main course with basmati rice and cooked greens on the side. The pumpkin can be substituted with any firm winter squash and the chickpeas provide protein to make it a nutritionally complete meal.

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