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COOKS&CO Adds ‘Free From’ Butter Flavour Oil

COOKS&CO Adds ‘Free From’ Butter Flavour Oil

Cooks&Co has added a unique Butter Flavour offering to its range of the finest quality Rapeseed Oils, finally offering lactose intolerant food lovers a tasty alternative to butter.

Ideal for use in baking, frying and general cooking, Cooks&Co Butter Taste Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, is a totally unique addition to the rapeseed oil category and can be used as a butter substitute in any recipe or dish.

With as many as one in five people suffering from symptoms consistent with lactose intolerance (Source: Allergy UK), the need to find an alternative to butter is a daily challenge for millions of UK families.

But Cooks&Co Butter Taste Rapeseed Oil, which is made using a natural, plant-based aroma, offers a totally authentic buttery taste that can be enjoyed by the whole family, irrespective of whether they are lactose intolerant or not.

Cooks&Co’s cold pressed rapeseed oils are produced using a unique, patent protected extraction process that gently squeezes the oil from the flavour rich kernel of the seed at low temperatures. This technique produces an oil of exceptional purity, free from some of the nasty by products that are produced from more brutal, heat-based oil extraction methods where chemicals have to be added to neutralise and remove some of the substances produced from exposure to heat.

Cooks&Co rapeseed oils are healthy, too, featuring just half the saturated fat of olive oil, 10 times more omega 3, and natural vitamin E.

On sale now at Ocado (£3.49, 500ml), Cooks&Co Butter Flavour Rapeseed Oil also contains no trans fats and is sourced from 100% British rapeseed.

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