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Creative ways with Jalapenos

Creative ways with  Jalapenos

Baked Nachos

Scatter a couple of soft tortillas with grated Parmesan and sliced jalapeños, then cut into bite-size triangles. Lay them on a baking sheet and bake for a few minutes in a hot oven until melted and crisp.

Chilli-lime Butter

Make a chilli-lime butter to serve with barbecued meat or fish. Chop a handful of jalapeños and add to some softened butter in a bowl. Add the zest of one lime and a handful of chopped fresh coriander. Mix everything together, shape into a cylinder, wrap in foil and chill until firm.

Deep Fried

Deep fry jalapeño slices in a thick batter mix until golden and crisp, serve with a blue cheese sauce or guacamole for dipping.

Too hot?

If you find yourself with a particularly fiery mouthful of chilli, the most effective antidotes are dairy products because the capsaicin in chillies is fat-soluble. Eating something starchy like bread or rice can also help. A cold drink will actually make things feel worse!