Dried Mushroom Ramen - Recipe


40g Cooks&Co Porcini Mushrooms

2 Bavette Steaks

8 tbs Sesame Seeds

Vegetable Oil

400ml Soy Milk

100ml Soy Sauce

Noodles (Of your choice)

Sprouting Cauliflower (Lightly Steamed)

Wild Mushrooms (Sauteed in vegetable oil)

Spring Onion (Finely Sliced)

Soy cured egg (cut in half lengthwise)

Pickled ginger or radish

Preparation Time:20 mins
Cooking Time:10hours
Serves: 2

Preparation Method

1. Blitz the dried porcini in a blender to make a powder. You will use 3 tbs in this recipe. Return the excess to the pot for a future use.

2. Mix 1tbs of the Porcini and sesame seeds to make a rub. Roll the steaks in the mix and make sure there is an even coating.

3. Warm some vegetable oil in a frying pan. Brown the steaks on all sides, this should take about 5 minutes depending on the thickness.  Set them aside to rest.

4. Bring 1ltr water to a simmer. Add the remaining 2 tbs of the Poricni powder to the simmering water. Simmer for about 4 mintues.

5. Add the soy milk and soy sauce. If there is any foam at the top of the broth you can skim this off.

6. Slice the steak (against the grain) into thin slices.

7. Place you noodles in a bowl. Por over about 1/2 of the steaming broth into each bowl to warm the noodles.

8. Arrange the sprouting cauliflower, mushrooms and steak on the noodles.

9. Garnish with spring onions, 1/2 egg, pickled radish and ginger. Top with broth if needed. 


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