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Creative ways with Hearts of Palm

Creative ways with  Hearts of Palm

Hearts of palm are similar in taste to artichokes with a texture like cooked asparagus. They taste mild and delicate, making them a perfect addition to salads. They go well with French or Mediterranean flavours - herbs, tomatoes, cheeses. Add some acidity with wine or vinegar.


Combine hearts of palm with avocado for a stunning salad. Drain the hearts of palm, then slice and put in a large bowl. Add 1 diced avocado, a couple of sliced spring onions, a bunch of fresh chopped coriander and the juice of 1 lime. Stir gently to combine and season well.


Make a simple, delicate soup by frying sliced hearts of palm in butter until lightly coloured, add some fresh chicken stock and seasoning then put in a food processor and blend until smooth and silky.


Marinate sliced hearts of palm in lemon or lime juice with chopped chillies, onion, coriander and sea salt to make a vegetarian ‘Ceviche’.

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