Store Cupboard Classics

Whether you’re batch cooking a classic, upgrading last night’s leftovers or making inspired ingredient swaps when you’re out of fresh produce, keeping a well-stocked store cupboard is a great way to ensure you’re never caught culinary short! 

To help you on your way to store cupboard success, we have collated a starter list of must-have essentials, alongside some top tips, tricks and recipes. Read on for tummy rumbles guaranteed.


Roasted Red Peppers 
The perfect way to pack a punch of authentic flavour into a one-pot pasta dish, our deliciously succulent Roasted Red Peppers are grown and ripened under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun for an intense and sweet flavour. Also available in a larger size, they’re ideal for when you are batch cooking your favourite dish to feed the family. 


Roasted Red Peppers



Rice and Pasta
The base for so many delicious dishes, keeping your cupboard well stocked with rice and pasta will ensure you’re always ready for a rainy day… in the kitchen. 


Why not try Lucy and Lentils’ Easy Pea-sy & Lemon Arancini?


Lucy and Lentils



Stock Cubes
When did you last have the time to make your own stock? With even Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge admitting to using stock cubes at home, make sure you’ve got some in your cupboard ready for your next stint in the kitchen. 



Dried Mushrooms
A massive five tonnes of edible food are wasted every year in the UK. Throwing away fresh ingredients which have become inedible contributes to this shocking number. Making intelligent swaps, like switching from fresh mushrooms to dried, is a great way to do your bit in the fight against food waste.  At Cooks&Co we stock dried mixed forest, shiitake and porcini mushrooms, which can be rehydrated by soaking in boiling water, draining, rinsing, drying and then enjoying in your favourite dishes. Simple! 


Why not try our Mac 'n' Cheese with Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms recipe?


Mac 'n' Cheese Recipe          Shop Mushrooms



Beans & Pulses
The perfect store cupboard essential, tinned beans and pulses can be on hand to help with almost any meal! You could even have a go at making your own, healthier baked beans using Butter beans – we love this Smoky Beans recipe from BBC Good Food! 


Smoky Beans Recipe



Oils and Vinegars
Having a variety of oils and vinegars in your store cupboard is a great way to add rich flavour and culinary finesse to all kinds of dishes. White truffle flavoured oil is ideal for drizzling on pasta, risotto and pizzas, while walnut oil is perfect for adding a beautiful nutty when baking cookies and cakes.


Shop Speciality Oils



Flour is not just for baking cakes and making bread. Used to make fresh pasta, pancakes, and pastry too, flour is also the ultimate thickener for sauces and stews, such as our Mac & Cheese, so no stock cupboard’s complete without it. 


Herbs, Seasoning and Spices 
The magical finishing touch to many a recipe, keeping a variety of herbs, seasonings and spices in your stock cupboard will upgrade even the most basic of dishes, ensuring scent-sational culinary creations that pack a powerful punch of flavour.

Hungry for more? Try these jerk prawn & coconut rice bowls.


Jerk Prawn & Coconut Rice Bowls



Stocked up your store cupboard and now looking for some recipe inspiration to make the most out of your essentials? Head over to our recipe and inspiration page to explore your #AppetiteforAdventure…